LJ Archive Update 2012-02-05

I'm not a programmer myself, but I wanted to see ljarchive comment download fixed after it got broken with release #83. Therefore I searched and paid a coder :)

This version of ljArchive works for me with my livejournal, but please download with the usual caveat of free software (no guarantees, use at your own risk).

Download ljarchive for Windows installer: ljarchive_setup.zip
(from memory-prime.de, Zip size around 400 KB, extracted ljarchive_setup.exe around 428 KB)

You're happy with the fixed tool? Feel free to donate to the costs of fixing here:

Leftover money will go to fan projects of my choosing :)

For people interested in the solution:

In the file http://ljarchive.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ljarchive/trunk/ljArchive/Engine/Utils.cs?revision=78&view=markup,
comment out lines 69 and 70. They have changed something in authentication handshake proccess and these two cookies are not working anymore. Old-style "ljsession" cookie does the job.

For developers: download the fixed source (zip, 5.7 MB)

Original ljarchive code at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ljarchive/ (not fixed)